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Change the pc app cache location

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Change the pc app cache location

Normally the system finds the drive with most space on it an sets the local cache.

To change it you have to change a configuration file.

Do the following

Close the program.

In fileExplorer in the path bar type %localappdata%




In there a hidden folder called RfUserData is located.

In the folder there are a file called ClientPcConfiguration.cfg.

In this file there are some JSON. On 3 different values the drive is set. There are many other values in the configuration, but don't change any of them.

Here is a example of the cache located on D:

Set this to the drive of your preference, her the cache is moved from "d" to "e" by changing the "d:" with "e:"

Then copy the RushFiles folder from the old location to the new.

Start the program again.

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