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Create email account in shared hosting

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1. Login to Readyspace customer portal

2."Home" > "More services".

3. Click on Qmail tab

4. Click on Add New Mailbox

5. Select New Service User and click Next

6. Enter your Display Name, Email address & password

Passwords must be at least 7 different characters include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters(# $ %)
The password cannot contain any of your Account information like address, phone number, contact name & etc
Or you can click on Generate new password, the system will randomly generate a set of password for you

7. Click on Next

If the system prompt you that Service User already exists, please refer to Add email to existing service user instead

8. In the subsequent page, you can set your preferred setting (or leave as default) and click NEXT

9. Select Webmail access and click on Next

10. And click on Finish

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