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How to Restore mails back to the mail server from a POP3 account

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Technically it is possible to restore emails back to the server using a method. But we do not recommend you to try this as it is having some drawbacks. However, if you still want to restore the emails back to the server, please follow the steps provided below,

    1. Create a second email account in your profile using the IMAP account type.
    2. You'll now have two accounts in your profile for the same email account, with the IMAP account adding a second *.pst to the profile.
    3. Make sure you set the POP3 account to leave mail on the server in the account's More Settings. Advanced dialog.
    4. Drag the messages from the POP3 Inbox to the IMAP folder's Inbox.

Tip: You may want to start with about 100 messages at a time and wait a minute or so for the messages to sync up. If it works well, select a larger block of messages to move in the second batch.

  1. The messages will be synced with the mailbox on the server.
  2. When finished, remove the IMAP account from the profile. (unless you want to use it instead of POP3.)
Note: This, however, has one drawback, it will remove the original timestamp and will show you the time stamp of the day when the outlook was sync with the mail server. Also, there is a possibility of missing emails on the mail server due to syncing issues.

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