Welcome to ReadySpace Community

Welcome to the new ReadySpace Community! This is the place for all ReadySpace Cloud users to learn and to share. Advance your knowledge and maximize your space to grow.

We hope you find them easy to use and navigate!

Some things that will help you use the forums more effectively:

  1. The forums have trust levels enabled, which means as a new user you will be restricted in the actions you can take. New users will be at trust level 0 and will not be able to make new posts until they advance to level 1. You can do this by opening and reading at least 10 threads on the forum, and spending at least 10 minutes logged in and active.

  2. There is a walk-through for new users on the forum, you will get a message from RSBot who will walk you through a simple tutorial to explore how the forums work, and the different features available.

  3. Badges are available – you might find you already have some! – including a badge to denote ReadySpace staff, and several which represent forum activity.

  4. Discourse has mobile apps for both Android and Apple . You can log in using your username and password to access the forums on the go.

If you have any problems please ping @moderators if you need assistance from the forum moderators.