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Small Business Community (Beta)

Connect with business owners in your community

Introducing the Small Business Community (Beta) from ReadySpace!

The Small Business Community helps business owners succeed by connecting you with colleagues in your area and industry, making it easy to build valuable relationships, get answers fast, and keep your edge.

  • How it works: Being a part of the community is completely voluntary. Signing up is quick and easy, finding new connections is simple, and joining the discussion is rewarding.
  • Benefits of joining: Get help, learn from other owners, and build strong relationships within your neighborhood, city and broader industry. Everyone will get out of what they put in—the more every member is engaged, the more the community grows and businesses thrive! 
  • Where we are: The Small Business Community from ReadySpace is currently open to small business owners in our pilot cities of Singapore, Penang, and Hong Kong. 

Are you a small business owner in Singapore, Penang, or Hong Kong?


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